Large upper cabinet btw. kit.+dinning rm./ removed, cut in half, rebuilt,refinished, and hung on back wall over counter. This totally opened up the space between the kit. and dinning room .
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New opening between kitchen and den and two new sets of exterior doors.
                             (Click to enlarge)
   Badly damaged window/wall area....removed+reframed, new window,new interior insulation+drywall,new exterior siding+trim
Large Deck Torn out and rebuilt from piers up. Notice how we installed new beams and joists and then fitted the deck boards to the rocks around the water area.    (You may click on these to enlarge them!)
Large upper cabinet btw. kit.+ dining room. Removed,cut in half,rebuilt,
refinished,and hung on back wall. This totally opens up the space and still
kept half the cabinet in use. (Click to enlarge)

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  Here are three before and three after pictures  of a cabinet refinish.
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