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  Dearest Wali,
  What a wonderful and pleasant handyman experience it was to have you work on our home. And how many tools do you have on that truck anyway?!
  We appreciate the efficiency and quality craftsmanship of your work. Thank you for such a professional job.....Well Done!!

                                                  Mary+Peter M.
  You did a great job scraping,sanding,repairing and priming + painting our badly damaged eves on our two story home. Thanks for such a great job! 
                                                                                                                    Dale P.                                                                      Cool, Ca.                                      
 Hi Wali,
      Thanks for making our project such a pleasant experience. Having your kitchen torn up is never 
easy, however you made it as nice (and clean each day) as possible for us. We are happy to 
recommend you to all our neighbors and friends!
                                                             Sue+Jeff B.
                                                                 Auburn, Ca.
    We were very worried about who to let in our home to do the numerous things we needed done throughout the house. And who could do it all,so we didn't have to have 6 people in our home.
   You turned out to be the one, thanks so very much for your pleasant manner and extensive capabilities. We will definitely use you again!
                                         Elizabeth+George W. 
                                                     Granite Bay, Ca.
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Action Home Repair,
  Thank you for responding to our emergency crating needs in such a prompt and effective manner. Our coustomers spoke highly of you also and so we will be sure to use you again. 
                               Sincerely, Marsha --------------
                         Co-Ordinator JGB Constr. NY,NY

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